About Us

About Pass Academy

Pass Academy is the brain child of Dr.Ashlesha Bhandarkar, an eminent personality in the field of education in Ahmednagar,Maharashtra.

Pass Academy aims to eliminate the obstacles of traditional tution system by introducing one on one home tutoring, scientific methods of assessment, guidance from subject experts and individual mentorship.

Our Founder

Dr.Ashlesha Bhandarkar

M.A.(Marathi , Sanskrit, Psychology),M.Ed.SET,Ph.D

Dr. Ashlesha Bhandarkar, the founder of Pass Academy, has worked as a Professor in the field of Teacher Education for more than 15 years. She has also worked as a M.Ed, M.Phil and Ph.D Research Guide for Teacher Educators. Dr. Bhandarkar has also published 12 research papers in renowned National and International Journals.

Apart from her work in the Education field, Dr. Ashlesha Bhandarkar also has a keen interest in social work. She is appointed as the Brand Ambassador of Swachha Bharat Abhiyan for Ahmednagar district by Maharashtra State Government. She is also known for her leadership and communication skills.

With this new venture, Dr. Bhandarkar aims to create a process based system of Home Tutoring which will customise the learning process according to each child's needs and eliminate the disadvantages of traditional collective tution classes.